Salon Terms & Conditions


Please note that as a courtesy to all clients' prompt appointment schedule is adhered To. Late appointments may not be honored.


We regret it is necessary to charge 50% of the whole price of treatments in the event of cancellation being less than 24 hours or non-arrival.


Please note that it is illegal to smoke anywhere in the Salon.

Data Security

Personal details taken from clients during consultation procedures will be kept safe and in the strictest confidence. We would, on occasion like to send you details of open evenings and special promotions. If you would rather not receive these please let us know.

Price Alteration

We reserve the right to alter prices, without prior notice.

Medical Conditions

Please inform your therapist of any medical condition including pregnancy prior to booking, as some treatments may not be appropriate for you.

We do not recommend waxing or facials before or after sunbeds, sauna, or sunbathing
Alcohol should not be consumed before or after Holistic treatments and ensure you drink plenty of water
We do not recommend pedicures or any foot treatments if you suffer from athlete's foot, verrucae or fungal infections.
A skin test is required 24 hours before having an eyelash tint (new clients only)

Helpful Hints
Bring open-toed shoes for your Pedicure
It is advisable to leave all jewelry at home before treatments i.e. massage, facials and Body Treatments.

For further details please ring Sam 07896637261.